Sunday, February 15, 2015

Curious Circularity


go here and there
round the point
rather than to

end up facing the same direction 
having traveled a long way

the circuitous
a path

a way

closer perhaps to it

than the straight line

the journey longer
but viscous 
with the knowledge
that can only come
from the circular path

Friday, October 3, 2014

Collection One

Some pictures of the first collection: Where is the line (with you?)

Launching today at the Niseko Arts and Craft Festival 2014

See more here

After the fair The Blue Triangle Society will be available from Sanctuary Niseko as part of their Craft Collaboration project.

Send me a Line Silk Scarf.

Ombre Fade Silk Dress

Wash Out Cotton Circle Scarf

Day Night Tussah Silk Necklace

Draw The Line Winter Hat

Colour Field Silk Cowl

Printed Line Monoprint Cards

Friday, September 26, 2014

Where is the line (with you?)

As our first collection is complete it is time to reflect on the ideas behind the collection.

The collection 'Where is the line (with you?)' considers some of the many different ways of thinking about the line as both an idea and a thing.

The line is fundamental to our way of being in the world. It is our written language, our mark making, our way of expression of our experience and our ideas. The line is a version of us, however incomplete, inaccurate and inadequate. The line is all we have to work with.

We use lines to represent, to mark out, to separate, to contain, to define, to trace, to talk about something, to point at the other. Yet how do we explain what it is? We know what it does, but what is it in its line-ness? My baby son tries to grasp this as he grabs at the lines on his play mat, but he cannot hold them.

The drawn line is a fuzzy field, it is impossible to have the pure, depth-less flatness of the conceptual line. The conceptual line has no dimension, no depth but is not a pure line either as it is not actualized, it is not being a line. But perhaps the conceptual line is not a true line at all. Perhaps the conceptual is a counterfeit. Perhaps a line is only a line truly in all its fuzzy reality. The line has to line in order to be a line and to realise its line-ness. It is only in line-ing that it is a line. Its only in its immediate being that it is, we have to catch it line-ing.

Yet in its line-reality we find it even harder to understand than thinking about it as a geometric concept. We understand the line best in experience rather than in beholding it in language or thought. As we put it into rational words or conceptual thinking, its line-ness is lost. It just becomes a list of properties of which it is sometimes both-and or neither-or.

Straight, curved, limited, unlimited, sharp, fuzzy, concept, thing, defined, undefined, field, range, dimension, depth-less depth...

The poetic is closer to its line-ness as it opens up the line for consideration rather than seeking to define it with a fixed definition, to draw the line on lines so to speak.

Where is the line (with you?) considers how a line is in its relation to us. This is the only way it can be. The line requires us. It is only we who read it and who conceive it. The line occurs without us but it is not being a line in its true sense without us.

We have to catch it as it does.

In the collection:
The ombre shades of a dress where one colour slides into another with an ill-defined line
The fuzzy warmth of the knitted line on a hat which is in reality a spiral - an unending line
A necklace composed of different length lines, none of which is line-ier than the other
Scarves which encircle - a line that chases itself forever
Scarves which enclose - a field of haziness
Cards with the sharpness of print and the fuzziness of ink

Lines to enclose, enfold, wrap, snuggle, give.

Where is the line (with you?)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


There are gaps
around the edges
a lace-work
of the centre

The light
sees itself
the sky
through the holes.

Mr Cohen is right
the holes are beautiful
it is how the light
gets in.

And the light
dawns on us
the light
shines on us
the light
moves us
to be as it is

And the light
bears us along
witness to its
we need it to see
who we are
and to grow
as we do

The light points to truth
finds a way
sets a path
guides a walk

The light always overtakes the darkness.

Work has been on hold while I have been growing and nurturing a baby.

Eventually I'll have the time to create, to think and to make.

Now I wait and the little one grows and grows. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Time and Beauty

The number of happy things:

3 naturally dyed silk dresses,
4 handknit silk cowls,
2 naturally dyed silk scarves,
2 naturally dyed cotton circle scarves,
2 handknit silk necklaces,
2 handknit bamboo necklaces,
2 handknit wool hats,
6 monoprint cards,
2 hematite necklaces.

Beauty reveals itself slowly,
As the non-essential flakes away,
Months in the making,
Years in the stitches.


Meantime you can follow the visual thoughts of the Blue Triangle Society Elf here:

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Sometimes light
shines right
making us transparent
like it is
and we shine
like it does
as if the 
at the beginning of
was still generating
its light
through us

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Where is the line (with you?)

The liminar has crossed
the threshold between
order and possibility
to find in the path
that pushes against
to find something

We are lost in the ether
being and becoming